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At Infoceleria, a leading IT staff augmentation company, we take immense pride in our exceptional IT staff augmentation services, having successfully served 10 esteemed clients with over 9 years of industry experience. Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to provide a talent pool of 20 skilled developers, offering diverse expertise in technical staff augmentation, and facilitating the option to hire remote developers for your projects.

As one of the reputable IT staff augmentation agencies, we aim to empower businesses with our seamless and reliable services. Whether you require skilled professionals for software development or other IT projects, our software staff augmentation services have got you covered.

With our scalable solutions and a track record of delivering results, we stand ready to serve your needs effectively. Join the ranks of our satisfied clients and experience the power of Infoceleria’s IT staff augmentation services for your business growth.


Resource Management Service

Infoceleria’s IT resource mobilization services leverage the extended team model, enabling you to hire remote developers seamlessly. Supercharge your business with our cutting-edge IT solutions, optimizing your infrastructure and accessing a pool of talented remote developers. Embrace scalability, cost-effectiveness, and agility as we empower your organization to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.”


  • No. of positions as specified by the client.
  • Time Frame: To be decided by the client..
  • Hiring Council: Key team members from the client and Arnold will plan, execute and monitor the progress.

Candidate Search

  • Direct hiring
  • Requirement to be published on all leading job portals – LinkedIn, Naukri, TIMES JOBS.
  • Talent search through Target Companies and Startups.

Alternate Search Approach

  • Leverage referral network
  • Job posting and Sharing of posts in LinkedIn.
  • Specific search launched on Social Networking sites - LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter

Employment Deal

  • Best candidates are passive job seekers
  • Showcasing growth prospects with the client to promising talent
  • Seek to hire for skills, potential & performance


Dedicated Developers and Teams

Looking to scale up your team with top-notch talent? Infoceleria offers IT staff augmentation services, allowing you to hire remote developers and build dedicated teams to meet your project requirements. With 10 satisfied clients served and over 9 years of industry experience, we provide access to a talent pool of 50+ skilled developers.

Why Infoceleria?

Unlock Your Potential with Our IT Staff Augmentation Services

Benefit from our vast experience and expertise in IT staff augmentation services.

Scale up your team with dedicated developers to meet project demands efficiently.

Utilize advanced technologies, including Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc.

We prioritize transparent communication, ensuring you have complete control over your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Infoceleria boasts 9+ years of industry experience and has served 50+ clients with access to 150+ skilled developers. Expect tailored solutions for your projects.

Infoceleria allows you to effortlessly scale up your team with dedicated developers, meeting your project demands promptly.

Absolutely! Infoceleria’s IT staff augmentation services provide access to global talent, enabling you to hire remote developers for seamless collaboration.

Our developers excel in cutting-edge technologies, including AI/ML,iOS developement, web applications etc. ensuring innovative solutions for your projects.

Hear from our satisfied clients who have experienced the exceptional results delivered by our IT staff augmentation services.

Client Testimonial

Kabir Chawla -
Melonleaf Consulting –Delhi

Infoceleria's IT staff augmentation services helped us scale up our team with dedicated developers, ensuring on-time project delivery.

Nisha Sharma -
Iteconic – Noida

With Infoceleria, we found developers skilled in the latest technologies, making a significant impact on our project's success.

Sanjana Iyer -
Taxnodes- Bangalore

Infoceleria's technical staff augmentation services empowered us to take on complex projects and meet tight deadlines effortlessly.

Arjun Natarajan -
Sundaram Infotech – Chennai

Their seamless communication and exceptional talent pool made Infoceleria the perfect partner for our software staff augmentation needs.

Ayesha Mehta -
Cirrius Technologies Private Limited- Mumbai

With Infoceleria's IT staff augmentation agencies, we gained access to a diverse range of expertise, elevating our projects to new heights.

"Empowering Your Team through IT Staff Augmentation"

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